Save $25 on Manduka: Shop My Selections

This is the last week you can save $25 off of your Manduka purchase.  Wondering if these yoga mats are worth the hype? Well, I own 3 of variying thickness so I have one for every occasion: travel, terrain, pro.

Listen, I have purchased super cute, inexpensive yoga mats and they disintegrate. I believe in buying the best mat that you can, even if that means using your crappy one a little while longer. #BeingHonest

Manduka yoga mats are durable, made from recycled materials, and ultra-sticky. No matter how hot the room or hot sweaty my body, I have never slipped off of a Manduka mat and knowing how secure I am makes me relax and focus on my practice rather than modifying moves so I do not fall. 

Click any of the images to shop my personal recommendations:

PowerBlock Dumbells : Essentails for the Home Gym

My husband stepped up my workout game with Power Block Dumbbells. Each block is adjustable by 3 pounds up to 24 per hand. Lock in the weight you need and leave the rest behind; This one block saves the space of 8 separate weights! I'm ready to start round 2 of the #FBBooty workout and these PowerBlocks will power through the Fitness Blender sets. I will see massive results in my ass by Closer To The Sun 4. Suns out, buns out, till the fun runs out.

xoxo •Nancy-Lee

FREE Juice Beauty • $40 Treatment Oil • Certified USDA Organic

This Winter calls for an added layer of protection.
With one snowstorm after another followed by days and days of rain, everyone can benefit from Treatment Oil. Am 
antioxidant-rich cocktail of sunflower, olive and jojoba oils which will soothe the driest of skins.

For a limited time, +Juice Beauty is offering you a full size Treatment Oil, worth $39, for FREE with your $125 purchase.
Click here to get started and make sure you use code ByeWinterSkin at checkout to receive your FREE bottle of Treatment Oil.


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